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Ever wanted somebody to talk to?

Even the things you couldn't tell your hairdresser!

We are delighted to be offering a new kind of service to our clients.Therapeutic coaching offers life coaching tools to help with future plans you want to achieve.

Diane Danzebrink has joined us at Style where she will be giving you the opportunity to talk openly about all areas of life in a supportive,confidential,non-judgemental environment.

“Therapeutic coaching combines the best of traditional counselling skills with life coaching in an integrative therapeutic model that is usually completed in only five or six one hour sessions.” Stewkley-based Di says.

“It’s a forward thinking, solution focused therapy that helps you explore the issues that are troubling you but also to focus on what it is you might wish to change,  as well giving you the vital tools, skills and strategies to focus on the future and get on with your life.

“We pay so much attention to our physical health, but tend not to afford the same attention to our emotional and mental health.  Our physical, mental and emotional health are of course intrinsically linked so it makes sense to look after them all equally.” Di added.

If you would like more details please visit Di’s website  or pop in and pick up a leaflet at Style.