Hair Care and prices

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It’s simple, if our hair looks great we feel great. Now you can banish bad hair days with your new best friend, Style. Here you will discover a range of services that will enhance and highlight your natural features by creating hairstyles that really suits you.

For Head-Turning hair…..Welcome to the world of Style.

Our full price list is also available as a pdf document.

The prices are in order of stylist level.

If you don’t know which colour service you require please DO NOT book online,please give us a call instead.


 Director Principal Senior Stylist
Restyle & finish £58.50 £55.00 £47.50 £44.50
Cut & finish £49.50 £47.00 £41.00 £38.00
Wet cut £39.00 £37.00 £34.00 £32.00
Restyle Wet cut £47.00 £45 .00 £40.00 £37.00
Finish £25.00 £24.00 £21.00 £21.00
Long hair & Finish £33.00 £31.00 £28.00 £28.00
Long hair up £66.00 £62.50 £54.50 £51.00

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Director Principal Senior Stylist
Cut & finish £40.00 £38.00 £34.00 £32.00
Wet-cut £31.00 £29.50 £27.50 £26.50



Thera-cut is an advanced cutting system which banishes split ends. Your hair will feel fuller and hold its shape for longer. You will be amazed at the extra
natural shine and body.

Charged at an additional £5.00



CALLING ALL BLONDES!  UPGRADE TO BLONDME. For a £35 upgrade onto your colour you will receive Premium bond protection integrated into your colour, two retail products from the blondme range to take home with you, and a selection of luxury shades of blonde to make your colour stand out from the crowd.

Woven Foils

Director Principal Stylist Technician
Full head short £65.00 £62.00 £53.00
Full head medium £73.00 £66.00 £57.00
Full head long £80.00 £73.00 £63.00
T Section
Short £50.00 £48.00 £41.50
Long £57.00 £55.00 £44.50

Partial Colour

Director Principal Stylist Technician
Up to 8 foils interspersed for subtle effect
£28.00 £25.00 £22.50

Ombre and Balyage

Director Principal  Stylist  Technician
Ombre means ‘shaded’ in French. Hair graduates in shade from darker at the roots to lighter at the
ends. This technique can be subtle or more daring depending on colour choice.
Ombre ends  £58.50  £56.00  £54.00
Ombre full colour  £77.50  £75.00  £70.00

Permanent Hair Colour

Director Principal Stylist Technician
Full head colour providing permanent grey coverage.
Full head £44.00 £42.00 £39.00
Long full head £50.00 £48.00 £44.00
 Regrowth  £38.50  £37.00  £34.00
 Semi-permanent Colour
If you’ve never coloured your hair before you are
unsure of permanent colour, Schwarzkopf’s high
gloss semi-permanent colour could be the hair colour
answer for you!
Full head semi colour £40.00 £38.00 £34.00
Hair colour correction Price on application following consultation

Hair Colour Correction

We are well equipped and experienced to offer the best advice to avert further potential hair colour problems. Please book your 15 minute complementary consultation to discuss your requirements with one of our colour experts.

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Bridal and Special Occasion


We are on hand to guide you, give advice and achieve the wedding style that works best for you.

We recommend a complementary bridal hair consultation with one of our wedding hair stylists to begin the exciting process, followed by a bridal trial to ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day.

 Director Principal Senior Stylist
Bride (including trial and on the day hair styling) £140.00 £130.00 £120.00 £120.00
Adult Bridesmaid £66.00 £62.50 £54.50 £51.00
Child under 14 Bridesmaid £33.00 £31.00 £27.00 £25.00


Children Under 14 (Adult rates on Saturday)

Director Principal Senior Stylist
Restyle & finish £38.50 £36.50 £30.50 £27.50
Cut & finish £33.00 £31.00 £27.00 £25.00
Wet cut £29.50 £27.50 £23.50 £21.50
Dry cut £20.00 £19.50 £17.00 £16.00

Smoothing anti-frizz system


We offer two different smoothing treatments – Nanokeratin and Kebelo.

Smoothing systems could be the answer to your bad hair days. We offer two different options depending on your hair texture and ideal result. We require a £50 deposit at the time of booking. If the appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice the deposit is no longer transferable or refundable.

nanokeratin banner

Perfect for thick unruly hair. It is a revolutionary hair care management system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine. It creates a fantastic smooth blow dry that will last up to 12 weeks. Includes home care products.

£160 above shoulders

£180 below shoulders


keb 2

An intense in-salon treatment and aftercare programme that nourishes cuticles, replenishes natural protein and revitalises your hair from inside. The result is beautifully shiny, conditioned, frizz free and easy to manage hair that lasts up to 100 days. Includes home care products.

Above Shoulder – £160

Below shoulder – £180

If you are unsure whether you would suit Kebelo or Nanokeratin best,then please ask your stylist who will be able to guide you to your ideal hair care solution.

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Luxury Acid Merlin £55.00
Natural Styling £51.00
Spiral Perms from £144.00

All come with treatment



Deep conditioning treatments from £7.

Thera-Cut service


We offer the choice to upgrade to our exclusive Thera-cut service for an additional £5 per treatment .This system uses heated scissors to banish split ends leaving your hair feeling fuller. You will be amazed at the extra shine you will create and how well the haircut grows into shape.

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