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New to Style – Luxury body indulgence with Priadara

Relaxing, stimulating, hydrating and refreshing from head to toe.

The Priadara body treatment,  a deluxe body indulgence, is now available at Style.

priadaraUsing Lime, Lemongrass and spearmint to name a few essential oils, the Priadara treatment relaxes, stimulates, hydrates and refreshes the body from top to toe.

Consisting of exfoliation, mask application, heat treatment and head massage for a more deluxe experience , back and neck or full body massage can also be added.

Prices for the treatments are as follows:
Priadara body therapy £36.00
Priadara therapy and back and neck massage £60.00
Priadara therapy and full body massage £90.00

Please ask Kelly about more information or call us to book in.

One advisory: We do not advise this treatment during pregnancy or clients with very high blood pressure.