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A Beauty Therapist’s Personal view of Glycolic Peel

I have suffered with acne prone skin most of my teenage and young adult life, and although I have kept to a strict skin routine, sometimes some products just aren’t enough to make a visible difference to my acne breakouts.

I’ve had facials in the past, however when we got the BeautyLab Glycolic range in, it was the first time I had ever had a peel.The three types of ingredients that are in this peel work together to deep cleanse, decongest and regenerate the skin.

After the first peel I had, my skin came out slightly red, and within the first few hours, the angry spots I’d had previously had started to disappear.As the day went on, my skin got progressively better.After my 7-10 day gap, I had another peel and the results kept gettting better and better.

Results are instant and I felt clean and fresh, like my skin could breathe.

As a therapist I recommend a course of 3-6 peel to achieve the best results.This treatment is good for anyone with any skin type that wants to see dramatic skin improvements.

If you have any questions about acne prone skin, skin care regimes or the benefits of the peel, please speak to one of our beauty therapists.

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