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As the leaves turn golden and the chill is back in the air….

As the leaves turn golden and the chill is back in the air, we are turning to more autumnal palettes of colours and forecasting the top beauty trends for next season.

Rose gold has been a popular colour choice throughout 2018 and this won’t be changing anytime soon. Metallic shades with the most popular being Cooper and rose gold will be leading the way in clothes, nails and home decor.

Glitter is always a big hit during the festive season and this year will see it being used lots in make up with glitter lips and eyes being a big hit along with the glitter partings we have seen throughout the festival season of this summer.

Brows are moving away from the ultra -defined look we have seen in previous years.Brows are still statement but we have seen the catwalk trend of brushed up brows in industry photos, so could this be the next brow look to hit the high street??

Statement eyes or lips Brighter and bolder than we have seen for a while (since the 80’s), eye make up is making a serious statement ! A great way to change up a look with some impacting colour choices. We are also seeing ultra glossy lips coming back in fashion and stepping away from the Matte lip colours of 2017.

Nails Ultra violet was Pantone’s colour of 2018 and we will be seeing this throughout Autumn as we turn towards the rich plums, deep purples as well as mustard and rusty orangey tones but you can’t go wrong with a confident nude tone which goes with everything and can be pimped up with the addition of glitter layers!

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