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Beauty trends for 2019

Of course it wouldn’t be New Year without lots of talk of ‘New Year, New You’ and we always notice a wind of change in styles and treatments as we head into January.

Here is our forecast of lasting beauty trends to kick off 2019.

Brushed up brows and lifted lashes

The first appearance of brushed up brows came in Autumn and this look seems to be staying around, with the use of brow gel making bushy brows easier to tame and control.

For those with sparse brows, the gel will help to make them look thicker and keep them in place.

We often strive for fuller and longer looking lashes and this trend continues to appear, with less people wanting lash extensions and going with a more natural look.

The LashLift we offer is suitable for any length and is great for anyone who wants lifted lashes with added depth of colour. The effect last up to 6 weeks and require no maintenance afterwards.

Bold lips

Whether it’s clear gloss or a brighter illuminating lipstick, bold lips are the go- to trend for 2019.

A clear high shine gloss will make your lips look lean and healthy whilst a bright colour like red or coral will make them stand out and catch people’s eye.

All or nothing with nails

We are continuing to see lots of sparkle and glitter from the festive season or the polar opposite with nude,plain striking nails.So it’s either statement or barely there when it comes to nails for 2019 and as we head into spring we are sure that pantone’s colour of the year Coral will be a popular choice for spring and summer 2019 one with Almond nail shape proving to be more popular than ever.


Investing in your skin and the time to look after it will ensure you have a fresh glowing complexion.We are seeing the ‘barely there’ look continuing from nails to fresh faced make up with more bare face,minimal make up on the catwalks and into the high street.

Natural glow and a great moisturiser will become your best friend and regular BeautyLab facials will ensure your skin is always look at the peak of fresh.

“Fake it to make it” will take a whole new meaning with fake freckles being applied to complete the look if you haven’t been blessed with natural ones.

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