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Dry and damaged hair?

Regenerating shampoo and treatment for dry and damaged hair are our product of the month this October, continuing our theme of repairing hair stressed out by Summer. Ask your stylist to find out more.

Regenerating shampoo

For dry or damaged hair with Avocado Oil, Passion Flower Oil, Coconut Oil and Bamboo Extract. This antioxidant rich formula is the perfect shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Comprising of ultra hydrating bamboo extract to assist in repairing hair fibres – over time fragile hair will be revitalised and strengthened. Directions for use: Rich in lather, gently massage well into thoroughly wet hair. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

Regenerating treatment

For dry or damaged hair with Avocado Oil, Passion Flower Oil, and Wheat Protein. For a super boost of hair loving goodness, this intense formula will work wonders to soften even the most damaged hair. With wheat protein to revive and restore locks to their optimum glory, this treatment is a must-have for stressed out hair. Directions for use: Superb as a conditioner but for maximum effect, treat your hair to 5-10 mins leave-in time. Apply 1-2 grape size drops and gently massage through lengths to ends. Rinse thoroughly.

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