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Have you ever wondered what a GLYCOPEEL involves?

We thought we would give you a little insight into this facial, you will often hear us describe a peel as a ‘doing facial’ as it is not designed to be as much of a relaxing treatment as our facials and you will really see results after just one treatment but even more so if you compete our treatment plan of three peels.

Here is a little insight from Lorna our beauty therapist on what you can expect from your next peel appointment …

Glycopeel on the 1/10/19.

A Glycopeel facial is amazing for anyone, of any skin condition and any age. It works together with three ingredients that work purely to brighten, re-educate and re-vamp the skin, to give the client a more fresher appearance, whilst removing all the dead skin cells above and under his or her epidermis.

To start this facial, we do an eye and lip cleanse, followed by a double skin cleanse and tone. After this, we exfoliate the surface to remove any dead skin cells laying on the epidermis, and then tone again. Once toned, we use a prepping solution, and once that’s applied we apply the glycopeel onto the skin, starting with 10%.

We work the peel into the skin for 5 minutes, and then wipe away the peel with cool sponges. We then apply a mask for 10 minutes and the client can enjoy a complementary hand and arm massage. Finally we finish the facial off with a soothing solution, a multivitamin oil and an intensive moisturiser to keep the skin protected from the sun, cold and pollution

If you wish to enjoy a Glycopeel or Beautylab facial throughout October then you will receive a complimentary discovery set to take home which will continue your skincare regime at home.Please ask our reception team for more details.

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