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How to detoxify a blonde

Everyday life can take its toll on salon-fresh blonde hair: environmental aggressors such as pollution and chlorine,or even styling products can leave blonde hair brassy, dull and lifeless.

But thanks to the new detoxifying system from Schwarzkopf Blondme, colour is revived and sparkling clean blondes are retained.

We have a dedicated in-salon service for detoxifying blondes giving you multiple benefits:

  1. Sweeps away hard water minerals and other residues

  2. Strengthens the hair from the inside out

  3. Recovers brightness and shine with pure vitamin C

  4. Hair is left refreshed and with restored health and shine.

Schwarzkopf has also launched two Blondme detoxifying products to continue using at home.

These products are powered by Blondme’s integrated bonding technology with strengthening amino acids and protecting vitamins C to revive and protect dull hair.

Blondme’s detoxifying shampoo is suitable for once a week use to purify and protect from dullness and maintain bright results.

Detoxifying system Bi-Phase bonding and protecting spray is a leave in spray which helps to nourish and seal the hairs cuticle, protecting against environmental aggressors and suitable for all blonde hair types, this can be used after every wash to ensure your blondes always look as fresh as when you leave the salon.

This spray is the perfect final stage to your Blondme regime.

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