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Must- see Trends for 2015


Bomb shell blowdry


Free spirit

glamination free spirit

Braids and twists are a great add- on into this look.Braids became very popular last year and they’re certainly not going anywhere just yet.The original plait has shown its diversity with a fresh,playful approach mixing up braids,twists,plates,fishtails and rope braids, just to name a few.

Embracing the effortless look, the Osis Glamination range is perfect for creating the undone glamour of a free spirt.

Beautiful brunette

power browns

Pearlescent pastels. It’s now time to indulge yourself in the latest colour craze! This trend has taken a new turn with celebrities and models on the catwalk choosing muted pastel shades such as dusky pinks and purples,pale blues and silver greys. By adding subtle pastel shades to already lightened hair or a more adventurous approach,we guarantee this look will be a real head turner.

Glamorous grey

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