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Planning to bare all this Summer?

Our top tips for waxing as we prepare to bare it all this coming summer….

1. If you currently shave and want to start waxing please allow a minimum of 4 weeks from your last shave to your first waxing appointment to ensure we have enough hair growth to remove.

2.Do not shave between wax appointments! Doing this means you blunt off the hairs again and they won’t grow through smoother, and more sparse.

3.Ensure you have thoroughly exfoliated 2/3 days before your waxing appointment  to help remove all the dead skin cells covering the hair growing through.

4. Allow 4-6 between your waxing appointments to ensure enough hair regrowth.We recommend 1/2-1cm regrowth on the Hair.

We offer a selection of different waxes and services so please give us a call to find out more!

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