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Prepare your hair for the Autumn and Winter with our top tips.

Prepare your hair for the Autumn and Winter with our top tips.

Use regular conditioning treatments at home along with your professional shampoo and condition to ensure your hair is nourished and replenished. Regular in salon treatments such as Joico 4 step treatment will give your hair the moisture and protein it needs to revive your locks back to flowing and shining once again.

Maintain your colour at home with tone additive shampoos to ensure your colour stays true to the look you loved when you left the salon.Warning!! We advise wearing gloves when using these shampoos at home as the tone will stain not only your hair but your hands too!!

Ensure you invest as much in your home care as you do in your salon colouring experience as your colour will have a much better staying power if you maintain it at home with professional products such as Joico colour endure shampoo and conditioner.

Regular haircuts are definitely the way forward – as long hair can look great as long as it is in good condition, so regular 8 weekly haircuts will ensure those split ends stay at bay. Ask your stylist about the benefits of having your haircut with Thera-cut scissors to banish those split ends.

If you are still to enjoy your summer holiday or plan on getting some winter sun, make sure you go tooled up with UV and heat protectors to ensure the sun doesn’t bleach out the colour and nourishment we all crave to keep

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