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Say goodbye to summer-stressed hair

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of summer are slowly becoming a distant memory, however our summer stressed hair is still showing the signs of summer abuse.

You don’t want to start autumn with dry damaged hair, but if you ‘jump on it’ early you can save your strands from drying the death.

We have a few superhero products to rescue your crowning glory in salon and at home so follow our top tips to restore you back to shine smooth hair.

  1. Get rid of product build up-Using a clarifying shampoo such as Merlin’s crystal clarifying or Inception will help to remove extensive product build up.

  2. Assessing what your hair really needs-We can offer you a personal prescription of merlin products that will tackle any hair problems. Completing a stretch test at the backwash will help us to identify any areas of weakness. You can then maintain this routine at home for maximum results.

  3. Anti-Frizz Smoothing system-Is an intense in- salon treatment and aftercare programme that nourishes cuticles, replenishes natural proteins and revitalises your hair from the inside. The result is beautifully shiny, conditioned, frizz free, easy to manage hair that lasts for up to 100 days. Great for those of you who struggle on damp drizzly days.

  4. Deep conditioning Treatment– A great way of rescuing and repairing your hair on a regular bases. We offer a selection of deep conditioning treatments suitable for all hair types and available in salon or at home.

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