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Sneak Peek – the new Biosurface Peel from Dermalogica

Dermalogica‘s unique new BioSurface peel is a professional chemical peel designed to resurface the skin.

The product  works with the skin’s biology to safely exfoliate the dull epidermal layer and accelerate cell renewal.

Your Style therapist can help design a series of treatments to address your skin needs.

Suitable for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tones or acne breakout, the results are reportedly incredible.

We are hoping to have this revolutionary new treatment by the end of November, when a Facial BioSurface peel will cost £70 and a course of three, including a homecare kit, will be £200.

You can see more from Dermalogica on the new product here.

NOTE: All clients will need to complete and sign the peel consent form and a skin test is needed before any treatment.

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