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Style in groundbreaking move to offer Wellbeing coaching.

A Wing- based hair and beauty salon is to offer clients lifestyle coaching in order to help promote inner well-being.

The team at Style Hair and Beauty, established on Wing High Street for the last quarter-century, believes in helping their clients feel fabulous and comfortable in their own skin. The salon already prides itself in offering new, exciting treatments and in providing a warm and friendly environment where clients can relax and enjoy time for themselves.

Now, in a groundbreaking move, Style is to offer clients the opportunity to truly “look after the whole you“by introducing Wellbeing coaching sessions on the premises.

Salon owner Tracey Passantino explained: “We think we may be the first to be providing therapeutic coaching in a hair and beauty environment, but introducing this service is a natural progression for Style, as our focus is and always will be providing the means for our clients to look and feel their best. We hope we can help them not only with their appearance, but how they feel about themselves.

“Diane Danzebrink has joined us at Style where she will be giving clients the opportunity to talk openly about all areas of life in a supportive, confidential, and non-judgemental environment.” Tracey added..

Buckinghamshire-based therapeutic coach Diane explained:   “We pay so much attention to our physical health and tend not to focus on our emotional state until we reach a crisis. Wellbeing coaching can reduce stress, anxiety and improve self confidence, and it helps if it is delivered in a comfortable, friendly environment.

“Therapeutic coaching combines the best of traditional counselling skills with life coaching in an integrative therapeutic model that is usually completed in only five or six one hour sessions. It’s a forward thinking, solution focused therapy that helps you explore the issues that are troubling you but also to focus on what it is you might wish to change, as well giving you the vital tools, skills and strategies to focus on the future and get on with your life.

I very much look forward to assisting clients to achieve their goals and to find lifestyle equilibrium. ‘’

Call us on 01296 688117 to book your appointment.


For more information on Style hair and Beauty, contact Salon Coordinator Jean Holt on 01296 688117 or email

For more about Diane Danzebrink, see her website or contact her directly on 44 (0) 7711 142241 or via email

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