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Style team begin to create their own trends

It’s simple – if our hair feels great we feel great and we understand the importance of fantastic hair for our clients. Taking time out of busy salon life to educate the team and develop the ever changing skills needed to create stunning cuts and colours is always top of the Style ethos.

Wanting to create bespoke colours that are unique for each individual client, team members have organised sessions to come up with their own ideas and have the opportunity to let the creative inspiration flow.

“It started when Daisy went on a Royal Colour Masters course and brought back some of the ideas she had seen to the team” Salon Co-ordinator Jean Holt recalled.

“We thought we would change up our training, and send out the team, split into smaller groups with a mixture of experience, to look for inspiration within the local area.” Jean added.

The result was an unprecedented new level of creativity within the team, who invented their own bespoke “looks”. Spring flowers, local signage and even triangular brickwork seen in the area inspired colours and moods that will eventually be turned into hairstyles.

The team used head blocks to develop their ideas, but the inspirations will be carried through to colours on our clients over the next few weeks and months.


The first ‘look’ captured the team have called “Intertwine” where they created intertwined triangle sectioning to create a wearable look which could be enhanced with brighter colour choice for a more fashionable catwalk look. The inspiration from this trend originated from triangular brickwork spotted in the local area.


The colours of nature were combined to create a luxurious, rich finish the team have called “Broker”.

Using Schwarzkopf Professional’s new “Opulescence” range combined with copper tones, the look, created by Tracey and Courtney is showcasing some of the latest ideas.

Cooper and Rose Gold are proving to be some of this season’s number one colour choices.

Inspiration for the sectioning technique was taken from signage they saw out on location and the name of this trend is from an image team members used on their mood board.

Layered Leaves

As the Spring flowers come into bloom, Billie and Liz took their inspiration from petals and flowers and designed their sectioning technique from the layered leaves they saw. Using golden and red tones -inspired by the layered cocktail you will see on their mood board. The styling on this head block really showed off the different colour choices which they selected

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