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Thanks so much for helping our four legged friends help us all!

We had a very special four- legged friend in the salon recently. Simba and Carolyn visited us from Medical Detection Dogs to help raise awareness of this incredible charity and what a massive impact this gorgeous boy has had on Carolyn’s life and managing her diabetes.

THANK YOU!!! Our recent charity week raised an incredible £335.50 for  Medical Detection Dogs

🐶 we have added this to our continual fundraising for this very worth charity. Thank you for everyone’s contribution and support xxxxx

We have been holding a variety of different events at Style to help raise awareness and funds for the Great Horwood-based Medical Detection Dogs group.

Medical Detection Dogs uses the amazing power of the dog’s nose to detect human diseases, and its research is based on the dog’s ability to detect minute odour traces created by diseases.

Because dogs are able to detect tiny odour concentrations, around one part per trillion (the equivalent of one teaspoon of sugar in two Olympic sized swimming pools), we are potentially able to detect diseases, such as cancer, much earlier than is currently possible. Our pioneering work could help to speed up the diagnosis process and impact on thousands of lives.



😁  you can find out more about Medical Detection Dogs on their website! 




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