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Try our new smoothing system for beautiful glossy hair every day

Introducing the 72 Hair smoothing system, which delivers beautifully glossy hair, with minimum effort, every day!

Our expertly formulated hair products helps us help you to have salon-style results, at home.

Your hair will be manageable, frizz free, and impossibly shiny, following this treatment.

And the benefits will last up to 12 weeks, with homecare included.

Here’s a blog piece 72 hair diary produced by one of our clients, Katrina Smith, who was our trial model for the new system. (pdf download)

The 72 product replaces the Kebelo and Nanokeratin smoothing systems previously offered in the salon.

It comes from the Greens, a professional family of stylists who operate from London and Miami.

Together, the Greens created 72 Hair, formulating the perfect products to do exactly what they needed for their clients’ hair. Now, their range is available online and in selected salons such as SH&B.

For pricing and more information, take a look at our Product page

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