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We want to delight our customers, not just cut their hair

In case you spent last week on the moon….guess who was 30 years old!!!Happy 30th birthday Style Hair and Beauty 🎂 Posted by Style Hair and Beauty on Monday, 23 April 2018

In the words of Tracey Passantino – ‘We decided from the outset that we would aim for a much better standard of client service.We want to delight our customers, not just cut their hair.’

Tracey along with her husband Toni owns ‘Style Hair and Beauty’ in Wing, Bedfordshire, and their salon runs with a team of 18 highly motivated individuals.Together this ‘Style Family’ are celebrating 30 years of business.

Their journey began in April 1988 when ‘Country Style’ had been brought-a small village salon with a team of 6. Tracey’s vision for the future was always to push both the salon and its building to its best potential.

The next 13 years saw many changes and the full transformation was finally achieved 2001.This did not come easily and involved Tracey, Toni and their young family moving elsewhere to live and the team having to work and maintain their, by now, high standards of customer service in what was sometimes no more than a construction site!

The salon was rebranded as ‘Style Hair and Beauty’ in 2008 and a new chapter began. Tracey’s passion and enthusiasm for the Hair and Beauty industry has always been the driving force behind the team and many have chosen to stick with her on this adventure for some years. Because of this the Style team has a family quality that is difficult to equal.

‘Style Hair and Beauty’ today is removed from it beginnings as ‘Country Style’ and has become a salon to rival any town competition, having attained several business awards and articles in trade magazines.It has a fresh and modern approach whilst retaining its friendly and  relaxed yet professional atmosphere ensuring both clients and staff remain year after year.

Tracey with proud parents Mick and Val

A management team is now in place to keeps things running smoothly and maintain the high standards, and a high level of continued development has enabled ‘Style’ to offer a complete NVQ training system with in-house assessors and educators available to mentor all students.

Continual learning holds great importance to Tracey and her team and has played a huge part of the success of this salon.

The last 30 years has proven to be a challenge , an eduacation and ultimately a triumph but never one to get complacent, we wait with interest to see what great things Tracey and her team achieve in the future.

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