"There's nothing in the world like the beauty of healthy hair...."

Joico has built an excellent reputation since it started production in 1975 with a new take on hair care and the ingredients within the bottle.

Having moved on a huge amount since the beginning, this product range now contains sub- ranges which cover all your hair’s requirements.


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K-Pak is designed for damaged, weakened, distressed hair and has become the backbone of the brand, winning numerous awards, and being able to bring life back into hair when it seems it has gone beyond repair.

K-Pak colour therapy for coloured,weakened hair this product range will revive, rebuild and protect helping to increase the lifespan of your colour.

Blonde life

A range designed purely for blondes giving Hair a detox to keep the colour pure and fresh along with moisture and protection from the outside eliminates that can take away from beautiful blondes.

Co+ wash

A new formula of cleansing hair whilst ensuring the hair is conditioned and freshened in one step.A mousse formula which with a 5 minute application will cleanse and condition, these formulations come designed for colour, curl and moisture.

Perfect for the gym, holidays and every day use.

Moisture recovery helps to restore moisture in dry, thirsty hair leaving hair softer, smoother and more manageable.

Body luxe has active ingredients to help increase the diameter of each hair giving thicker hair without adding weight. Helps to increase volume, body, shine and movement.

Color endure for long lasting colour.With the option of a violet tone for blondes and greys as well as having a range which is great for single processed hair.

Helps to nourish and protect from thermal abuse and maintain gorgeous colour.

Treatment care has the perfect product for anyone who suffers with scalp disorders,dry skin, psoriasis and seborrhea.

Curl for dry,frizzy,curly and wavy hair.This curl specific range helps to protect and reactivate curls giving them strength and moisture.Complete with several styling products.

Colour infuse has an infusion of colour to ensure your colour stays just as fresh as the day you have it done.

Copper, red, blue and brunette, there is a tone for every shade of brunette and red haired client.

Style and finish – Innovative styling formulas combined with healthy hair technology. To control and manage all hair types and create any style desired.